Roozbeh Adult Developmental Disorders Clinic (RADD)

Roozbeh Adult Developmental Disorders Clinic/program (RADD) was founded in 2011 seeking to achieve the highest standard in both clinical service and research in the areas of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Roozbeh Adult Developmental Disorders Clinic (RADD)
Adult ADHD clinic was established
Adult ASD clinic was established

Roozbeh Adult Developmental Disorders Clinic (RADD)


– Adult ADHD Clinic

Adult ADHD clinic was established in 2011 to help patients with adult ADHD. Dr. Javad Alaghband rad, Dr. Zahra Shahrivar, Dr. Valentin Artoonian and Dr. Abolfazl Mohammadi did all participate in early establishment of RADD in 2011. All referrals from various resources including self-referrals undergo a comprehensive assessment and receive a treatment plan. Based on individual treatment plan, each patient receives medication along with possible coaching intervention or some sort of change/support sessions. For some cases, CBT or mindfulness-based treatment is implemented.

– Adult ASD Clinic

Adult ASD clinic is operated by  Dr. Mahtab Motamed (a general psychiatrist) in consultation with Dr. Javad Alaghband rad (a child and adolescent psychiatrist), three part-time psychologists and a social worker. Patients may be referred to the clinic by other psychiatrists or they make appointments on their own. The clinic has been established in April 2019 and operates one day per week, with usually one new assessment and three follow-up appointments scheduled on each clinic day. After the initial comprehensive assessment based on treatment plan medication treatment begins if necessary. Non-medication therapy is also decided individually which may include behavior therapy, social skills training or coaching.


Improving diagnosis, management and proper support for adults with developmental disorders.


Providing comprehensive assessment and evidence-based clinical care, conducting and disseminating research, providing education to mental health professionals and primary care clinicians.


Improving quality of life, independence and social support for adults with developmental disorders.

Roozbeh Adult Developmental Disorders Clinic (RADD)


Initial Assessment

Ongoing Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment

Monitoring and Treatment Planning

Inpatient Consultation

Neuropsychological Assessment

Medication Management

Speech and Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Social Skills Training

PEERS for Adults

Patient and Family Psychoeducation

RADD Clinic

Future Steps

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TAY (Transitional Age Youth) Clinic

developmental disorders begin in early childhood and continues throughout adulthood in most cases. For adolescents with developmental disorders transitioning into adulthood seems to be a challenging task. It is hoped we, in the next phase of our program, help such patients to make a much smoother transition given their developmental task shifts and their developmental disabilities.

Expanding our services

Providing our services to other adult developmental disorders especially adult learning disorders and Tourette disorder.

Conducting research using technologies

Conducting cutting edge research using advanced technologies such as fMRI in order to gain better understandings of developmental disorders.

Implementing RCTs

Implementing RCTs with novel drugs/interventions to improve treatment status of patients.

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